The wonders of rockpooling

As the twice-daily ebb of the tide drains from the foreshore, a remarkably rich world is exposed. Where scrunching shingle beaches give way to rugged rocky shores, a veritable oasis of miniature ecosystems await discovery, each containing a treasure-trove of organisms that lurk within the still waters. Rockpooling is one of those activities that reverts you … Continue reading The wonders of rockpooling

The signs of Spring

Whilst the last few weeks seem to have passed by in a blurr of assignments, lectures, meetings and uni projects, seizing the odd hour or two to savour the fresh Cornish air has rewarded with a multitude of sights and sounds. Spring has been creeping ever close as daylength stretches longer by the day; a plethora of … Continue reading The signs of Spring

Dawn and Dusk: the magical hours

During the British winter months, the distinction between daylight hours and the periods around sunrise and sunset become far subtler than in summer-time, when the contrast couldn't be more stark. Even so, dawn and dusk remain particularly exciting periods where the photographer's sought-after hours of 'golden light' spill over the horizon; when the still air plays … Continue reading Dawn and Dusk: the magical hours

Beauty in the detail

With the irksome exam period now a fading memory, and lectures yet to recommence into full swing, it has been pleasant to get out and about a bit more around the superb Cornish countryside. Whilst birding has been the focus of many a trip to my local reservoir patch or nearby estuary, I have also been endeavouring to cast … Continue reading Beauty in the detail