From one island to another

I have not long returned from a superb ten days on the enchanting island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean (although 'enchanting' perhaps isn't the appropriate word where the current state of affairs regarding illegal songbird massacre is concerned...) The trip was part of our second year field courses with the University of Exeter, and entailed … Continue reading From one island to another

The ultimate nest architects

The nesting season is well underway for a host of avian species as we progress ever further into spring. One bird in particular that I've enjoyed spending time watching recently as they've busied about constructing their nests is the superb Long-tailed Tit. Looking like a shuttlecock with wings, these excitable little 9-gram birds spend the winter … Continue reading The ultimate nest architects

Blackcaps with backpacks

Over last couple of months I have been helping out with the beginnings of an exciting new study into Britain's overwintering population of Blackcaps with fellow undergraduate Robbie Phillips. This three-year project is being run by Benjamin Van Doren from Oxford University and Greg Conway from the BTO, in conjunction with research and academic staff here … Continue reading Blackcaps with backpacks

The wonders of rockpooling

As the twice-daily ebb of the tide drains from the foreshore, a remarkably rich world is exposed. Where scrunching shingle beaches give way to rugged rocky shores, a veritable oasis of miniature ecosystems await discovery, each containing a treasure-trove of organisms that lurk within the still waters. Rockpooling is one of those activities that reverts you … Continue reading The wonders of rockpooling

The signs of Spring

Whilst the last few weeks seem to have passed by in a blurr of assignments, lectures, meetings and uni projects, seizing the odd hour or two to savour the fresh Cornish air has rewarded with a multitude of sights and sounds. Spring has been creeping ever close as daylength stretches longer by the day; a plethora of … Continue reading The signs of Spring