Spring migration underway (finally!)

After what seems like weeks of unsettled weather conditions, we've at last been able to enjoy a few days of calmer winds and the odd warm ray of sunshine. The mixture of southerly and easterly airflows has also enabled a slow but assured movement of spring migrants to pass through the island, although numbers are... Continue Reading →


A soggy start to April

The Scottish have a word for it: dreich. This word has several meanings when applied to weather, including wet, dull, gloomy, dismal, dreary, miserable or any combination of the above. Whilst traditionally used to sum up the month of November in the north, it was equally fitting for the conditions we experience on easter bank holiday... Continue Reading →

A change of scene: home for Easter

As our spring term came to an end at the Penryn Campus, it was time to make my regular pilgrimage northward back home to the isle in the tides: Ynys Enlli. Whilst I usually have to endure a pretty gruelling (though very scenic!) 12-hour train journey to return to North Wales from Cornwall, I was... Continue Reading →

Sifting the Unseen

Last Saturday I joined a group of students from uni aboard the Free Spirit to carry out a series of surveys in the Fal Estuary, sifting through the water column to assess the level of microplastics polluting this rich ecosystem. Rugged up in innumerable thermal layers and equipped with sampling pots, two cone-shaped plankton nets and ample... Continue Reading →

It’s been a while…

I can't quite believe how much time has elapsed since I last posted an update here on my blog! Time is certainly a little thin on the ground at the moment, what with dissertation hand-ins looming and the usual line-up of other deadlines to contend with. That's still no excuse for the desperate lack of... Continue Reading →

Climbing ivy and cups of coffee

~ A week on the shores of a far-flung Scottish loch ~ Making the most of a week bereft (at least mostly) of lectures, myself and housemate (or in my case, caravan buddy) took a spontaneous trip to western Scotland; the aim was to allow some head space to crack on with university assignments and... Continue Reading →

A Summer Studying Shearwaters

It’s 2am, and I’m nestled amongst a swathe of bracken on the side of Bardsey mountain; the sky is brilliantly clear above and studded with hundreds of stars, and a waning gibbous moon sails across the sky to the east; aside the rustling of bracken in a gentle northerly breeze, the only other sounds permeating... Continue Reading →

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