Cycling for Curlews: reflections on the journey

After nine days on my bike, riding through all weathers and across a blurr of different regions and landscapes, it feels odd to be (relatively) stationary once more and preparing for third year at university here in Falmouth. I was elated to finish my trip last Monday, riding the last few kilometres to Land's End [...]


A Summer Studying Shearwaters

It’s 2am, and I’m nestled amongst a swathe of bracken on the side of Bardsey mountain; the sky is brilliantly clear above and studded with hundreds of stars, and a waning gibbous moon sails across the sky to the east; aside the rustling of bracken in a gentle northerly breeze, the only other sounds permeating [...]

Cycling for Curlews

This September I'll be relying on leg power to return for my third year at university in Falmouth: I'm planning on cycling a meandering path of some 800km from Aberdaron to Land's End. 'Why?', you might be forgiven for asking. Well, aside the element of personal challenge, my primary focus surrounding the expedition is to raise [...]

Autumn underway

The weather conditions prevailing for most of last week were pretty stunning: calm winds, mild air temperatures and blazing sunshine. Good news for pollinators and breeding birds alike, with some excellent numbers of butterflies such as Green-veined Whites, Red Admiral and Meadow Browns in the island’s rough grassland and meadows. Just yesterday Butterfly Conservation launched [...]

From Ireland to the Island

After a brilliant ten days exploring Ireland's southwest coast - its rugged peninsulas, spectacular coastline, dramatic mountains and forested valleys - it was time to head back across the Irish Sea to Wales on Friday. Remarkably calm conditions prevailing beneath a high pressure meant we were also able to board the first boat back home [...]