This week in pictures

This last week has seen a pretty mixed bag of weather conditions, from sweltering heat and settled winds at the start of the week to a blasting south-westerly wind and dramatic rain showers whipping through in the last few days. It's consequently been a pretty varied few days for the wildlife on the island: whilst... Continue Reading →


Cycling for Curlews

This September I'll be relying on leg power to return for my third year at university in Falmouth: I'm planning on cycling a meandering path of some 800km from Aberdaron to Land's End. 'Why?', you might be forgiven for asking. Well, aside the element of personal challenge, my primary focus surrounding the expedition is to raise... Continue Reading →

A Seal with a Story

Grey Seals are a characterising element of Bardsey's coast in the present day, with as many as 300 hauling out along seaweed-strewn rocks at low tide. This wasn't always the case, though, with a mixture of disturbance and hunting until the late 1900s restricting the island's population to a few tens prior to the turn... Continue Reading →

Autumn underway

The weather conditions prevailing for most of last week were pretty stunning: calm winds, mild air temperatures and blazing sunshine. Good news for pollinators and breeding birds alike, with some excellent numbers of butterflies such as Green-veined Whites, Red Admiral and Meadow Browns in the island’s rough grassland and meadows. Just yesterday Butterfly Conservation launched... Continue Reading →

From Ireland to the Island

After a brilliant ten days exploring Ireland's southwest coast - its rugged peninsulas, spectacular coastline, dramatic mountains and forested valleys - it was time to head back across the Irish Sea to Wales on Friday. Remarkably calm conditions prevailing beneath a high pressure meant we were also able to board the first boat back home... Continue Reading →

Wild Woods of Glengarriff

We’ve spent the last couple of days of our Irish escapade exploring a stunning valley of ancient Sessile Oak woodland in County Cork’s rugged western coast. The Glengarriff Nature Reserve encompasses a rich mix of woodlands, bogs, rocky mountainsides, wet heaths and riverine habitats nestled in the drainage basin of the surrounding Caha Mountains. From... Continue Reading →

Winging it….#30DaysWild Day 29

The Sheep’s Head Peninsula was today’s destination for exploring by bike and van. A finger-like projection of carboniferous granite and sedimentary seams thrust into the atlantic, it is one of the many headlands making up Ireland’s rugged south-west coastline. A superb route circumnavigates the area, which made for a very pleasant cycle ride; hedgerows passed... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild update | Day 28 on Cape Clear

I was planning on something of a digital detox for the final few days of the #30DaysWild challenge: dooing away with the cameras, smartphone, laptops and other such electric paraphernalia that we’ve become so dependent on in our everyday lives… It seems my laptop caught wind of this thought and decided to die today, taking... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild | Day 25

Our mainland home is a characterful little cottage nestled into the eastern hillside of Mynydd Rhiw, towards the tip of Pen Llyn. Overlooking Porth Neigwl from a picturesque vantage point, we’re pretty spoilt for views between our Bardsey house and mainland cottage! Tan Y Garn is also endowed with a super little garden of varying... Continue Reading →

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