Spring migration underway (finally!)

After what seems like weeks of unsettled weather conditions, we've at last been able to enjoy a few days of calmer winds and the odd warm ray of sunshine. The mixture of southerly and easterly airflows has also enabled a slow but assured movement of spring migrants to pass through the island, although numbers are [...]


30 Days Wild | Day 10

Even when the wind is howling, when ferocious seas batter the shoreline, and when curtains of heavy drizzle assail the land, there is always an abundance of wildlife to be discovered. Whilst much of the day was spent inside, preparing more tags to deploy on shearwaters and proof-reading the BBFO's 2016 Annual Report amongst other [...]

30 Days Wild | Day 2

After a deluge of rain overnight, the drenching rainclouds slowly abated in the hours preluding sunrise; a dramatic veil of mist clung to the island for most of the day, lifting only towards the day's end and revealing a burning sun and bright blue skies. Its the ever-changing weather conditions that make life on Bardsey so [...]