Climbing ivy and cups of coffee

~ A week on the shores of a far-flung Scottish loch ~ Making the most of a week bereft (at least mostly) of lectures, myself and housemate (or in my case, caravan buddy) took a spontaneous trip to western Scotland; the aim was to allow some head space to crack on with university assignments and [...]


30 Days Wild | Day 9

Dawn broke to glorious blue skies, warm sunshine and a light south-westerly wind; the sea conditions were calm enough on the ebb of the afternoon tide to allow for the weekly changeover of visitors to take place a day early, so it's been a pretty busy afternoon! Rising early to check out the election results [...]

30 Days Wild | Day 6

The freshening wind swerved around to the north-west overnight and cleared away the torrential rain storms. A day of bright blue skies and wild foam-topped seas contrasted starkly to yesterday's dulled monotones. The island's wildlife also livened up a bit under the sunshine, with plenty more insects on the wing, providing a much-needed food source [...]

30 Days Wild | Day 5

The weather took something of a turn for the worse for day 5 of 30 Days Wild: a low pressure system moving in from the atlantic brought a deluge of sustained precipitation throughout the day, accompanied by 20-30mph south-westerly winds. You couldn't help but feel sorry for newly-fledged chicks cowering in the brunt of the storm; and more [...]