Spring migration underway (finally!)

After what seems like weeks of unsettled weather conditions, we've at last been able to enjoy a few days of calmer winds and the odd warm ray of sunshine. The mixture of southerly and easterly airflows has also enabled a slow but assured movement of spring migrants to pass through the island, although numbers are [...]


A focus on dung: 30 Days Wild Day 11

For Day 11 of the 30 Days Wild challenge, I am focussing on a group of insects few would consider to be at all glamorous: Dung Beetles. In reality, though, the Scarabids are a vitally important family of beetles that humbly go about their business and provide a plethora of valuable 'ecosystem services'. They are an [...]

30 Days Wild | Day 9

Dawn broke to glorious blue skies, warm sunshine and a light south-westerly wind; the sea conditions were calm enough on the ebb of the afternoon tide to allow for the weekly changeover of visitors to take place a day early, so it's been a pretty busy afternoon! Rising early to check out the election results [...]

30 Days Wild | Day 8

For today's #30DaysWild challenge I decided to focus on finding and identifying some leaf miners. 'What exactly are leaf miners?' I hear you ask...well this blanket definition covers a diverse range of specialist invertebrate species whose larvae grow and develop between the laminae of leaves. Feeding on the tissue of plants, the most common groups [...]

30 Days Wild | Day 6

The freshening wind swerved around to the north-west overnight and cleared away the torrential rain storms. A day of bright blue skies and wild foam-topped seas contrasted starkly to yesterday's dulled monotones. The island's wildlife also livened up a bit under the sunshine, with plenty more insects on the wing, providing a much-needed food source [...]

Returning Home

After the winter term at university drew to a close at the end of March, it was time to make the tri-annual pilgrimage from Falmouth back to North Wales - a trek typically drawn out over a rather exhausting 12-hour train journey. I was lucky this time to be able to meet up with some friends in South [...]

The signs of Spring

Whilst the last few weeks seem to have passed by in a blurr of assignments, lectures, meetings and uni projects, seizing the odd hour or two to savour the fresh Cornish air has rewarded with a multitude of sights and sounds. Spring has been creeping ever close as daylength stretches longer by the day; a plethora of [...]