Spring migration underway (finally!)

After what seems like weeks of unsettled weather conditions, we've at last been able to enjoy a few days of calmer winds and the odd warm ray of sunshine. The mixture of southerly and easterly airflows has also enabled a slow but assured movement of spring migrants to pass through the island, although numbers are [...]


Climbing ivy and cups of coffee

~ A week on the shores of a far-flung Scottish loch ~ Making the most of a week bereft (at least mostly) of lectures, myself and housemate (or in my case, caravan buddy) took a spontaneous trip to western Scotland; the aim was to allow some head space to crack on with university assignments and [...]

Returning Home

After the winter term at university drew to a close at the end of March, it was time to make the tri-annual pilgrimage from Falmouth back to North Wales - a trek typically drawn out over a rather exhausting 12-hour train journey. I was lucky this time to be able to meet up with some friends in South [...]