Sifting the Unseen

Last Saturday I joined a group of students from uni aboard the Free Spirit to carry out a series of surveys in the Fal Estuary, sifting through the water column to assess the level of microplastics polluting this rich ecosystem. Rugged up in innumerable thermal layers and equipped with sampling pots, two cone-shaped plankton nets and ample [...]

30 Days Wild | Day 8

For today's #30DaysWild challenge I decided to focus on finding and identifying some leaf miners. 'What exactly are leaf miners?' I hear you ask...well this blanket definition covers a diverse range of specialist invertebrate species whose larvae grow and develop between the laminae of leaves. Feeding on the tissue of plants, the most common groups [...]

The wonders of rockpooling

As the twice-daily ebb of the tide drains from the foreshore, a remarkably rich world is exposed. Where scrunching shingle beaches give way to rugged rocky shores, a veritable oasis of miniature ecosystems await discovery, each containing a treasure-trove of organisms that lurk within the still waters. Rockpooling is one of those activities that reverts you [...]