Cycling for Curlews: reflections on the journey

After nine days on my bike, riding through all weathers and across a blurr of different regions and landscapes, it feels odd to be (relatively) stationary once more and preparing for third year at university here in Falmouth. I was elated to finish my trip last Monday, riding the last few kilometres to Land's End …

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Autumn underway

The weather conditions prevailing for most of last week were pretty stunning: calm winds, mild air temperatures and blazing sunshine. Good news for pollinators and breeding birds alike, with some excellent numbers of butterflies such as Green-veined Whites, Red Admiral and Meadow Browns in the island’s rough grassland and meadows. Just yesterday Butterfly Conservation launched …

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From Ireland to the Island

After a brilliant ten days exploring Ireland's southwest coast - its rugged peninsulas, spectacular coastline, dramatic mountains and forested valleys - it was time to head back across the Irish Sea to Wales on Friday. Remarkably calm conditions prevailing beneath a high pressure meant we were also able to board the first boat back home …

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