30 Days Wild | Day 25

Our mainland home is a characterful little cottage nestled into the eastern hillside of Mynydd Rhiw, towards the tip of Pen Llyn. Overlooking Porth Neigwl from a picturesque vantage point, we’re pretty spoilt for views between our Bardsey house and mainland cottage! Tan Y Garn is also endowed with a super little garden of varying... Continue Reading →


Photographic Advent Calendar, Day 23: Canary-shouldered Thorn

To try and keep at least remotely seasonal with my choice of species to describe for Christmas Eve's advent blog, I have decided to focus on a species which does bear an angel-like appearance at times... (okay, so it is a bit of a tenuous link!)...the Canary-shouldered Thorn (Ennomos aliniaria) is a moth which really... Continue Reading →

The Ivy Mining Bee (Colletes hederae)

Last week I visited a stunning local reserve with fellow young photographer Max Thompson. The area we visited was called the Bissoe Valley- an old mining site where a restoration programme set up in 1986 has now transformed the old an polluted works into a flourishing nature reserve. The habitats present range from deciduous woodland,... Continue Reading →

A focus on the smaller side…

Over the last few weeks, it has been great to wander around the various wildlife-rich areas around Falmouth and spend a while looking at the smaller elements of nature...Even when it is windy and dull, there is always something to look at, whether it be a bulky House Spider sheltering in a away in a... Continue Reading →

New Moon moth trapping

The current new moon, low south-westerly winds and warm temperatures are the perfect combination of conditions for moths. Moth-trapping has therefore been very productive in the last week, with daily catches in triple figures most nights. We have three actinic Heath Traps set out on the island at the moment: one at Cristin (the bird... Continue Reading →

May moths and macro shots

Despite the ridiculously unsettled conditions that we are currently experiencing, a few of the smaller inhabitants of the island are just about managing to emerge. It is a very slow spring in terms of moths, with numbers in the moth traps barely struggling into the double figure mark. There are plenty of caterpillars around, such... Continue Reading →

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