A snowy start to spring: perspectives

It's been an odd start to 'spring' 2018. At the beginning of March, much of the UK lay under a blanket of snow, and even here in balmy Cornwall we weren't safe from the disruption reeked by Storm Emma - the so-called 'Beast from the East'. The Met Office issued severe weather alerts - the [...]

The wonders of rockpooling

As the twice-daily ebb of the tide drains from the foreshore, a remarkably rich world is exposed. Where scrunching shingle beaches give way to rugged rocky shores, a veritable oasis of miniature ecosystems await discovery, each containing a treasure-trove of organisms that lurk within the still waters. Rockpooling is one of those activities that reverts you [...]

Maenporth and Durgan – weekend wildlife

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, with calm winds from the south bringing warmer temperatures (after a freezing night!). Will, Rachel and I took the opportunity of this nice weather to go for a walk around the coast adjacent to the caravan. We started off walking down through mixed deciduous woodlands, arriving at Maenporth [...]