A snowy start to spring: perspectives

It's been an odd start to 'spring' 2018. At the beginning of March, much of the UK lay under a blanket of snow, and even here in balmy Cornwall we weren't safe from the disruption reeked by Storm Emma - the so-called 'Beast from the East'. The Met Office issued severe weather alerts - the... Continue Reading →


Sifting the Unseen

Last Saturday I joined a group of students from uni aboard the Free Spirit to carry out a series of surveys in the Fal Estuary, sifting through the water column to assess the level of microplastics polluting this rich ecosystem. Rugged up in innumerable thermal layers and equipped with sampling pots, two cone-shaped plankton nets and ample... Continue Reading →

The wonders of rockpooling

As the twice-daily ebb of the tide drains from the foreshore, a remarkably rich world is exposed. Where scrunching shingle beaches give way to rugged rocky shores, a veritable oasis of miniature ecosystems await discovery, each containing a treasure-trove of organisms that lurk within the still waters. Rockpooling is one of those activities that reverts you... Continue Reading →

The signs of Spring

Whilst the last few weeks seem to have passed by in a blurr of assignments, lectures, meetings and uni projects, seizing the odd hour or two to savour the fresh Cornish air has rewarded with a multitude of sights and sounds. Spring has been creeping ever close as daylength stretches longer by the day; a plethora of... Continue Reading →

Exploring Penzance and Mount’s Bay

Despite a rather bleak forecast for the day, I decided to join forces with fellow photographers Max Thompson, Jack Burton, Jack Barton and Rhys Kaye, and head down to the coast around Penzance for the day. A few tempting long-staying rarities in the form of Pacific Diver and Hudsonian Whimbrel were enough to give the extra boost of enthusiasm... Continue Reading →

An encounter with a bat…

Last Sunday (the 22nd), I took a late afternoon stroll along the side of nearby College Reservoir, where I spotted this curious bat darting back and forth over the water besides the edge of the wood. I fought my way through some particularly vicious brambles before procuring a clearer look-out onto the lake; it was... Continue Reading →

Some late autumn birding

The weather has really shifted over the last week or two, and it now feels that we are truly saying goodbye to autumn, and entering the grey embraces of winter. Still, it isn't all doom and gloom, with stunning displays of colour still remaining in the form of autumnal leaves adorning the trees of broadleaf... Continue Reading →

Maenporth and Durgan – weekend wildlife

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, with calm winds from the south bringing warmer temperatures (after a freezing night!). Will, Rachel and I took the opportunity of this nice weather to go for a walk around the coast adjacent to the caravan. We started off walking down through mixed deciduous woodlands, arriving at Maenporth... Continue Reading →

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