A Seal with a Story

Grey Seals are a characterising element of Bardsey's coast in the present day, with as many as 300 hauling out along seaweed-strewn rocks at low tide. This wasn't always the case, though, with a mixture of disturbance and hunting until the late 1900s restricting the island's population to a few tens prior to the turn... Continue Reading →


From Ireland to the Island

After a brilliant ten days exploring Ireland's southwest coast - its rugged peninsulas, spectacular coastline, dramatic mountains and forested valleys - it was time to head back across the Irish Sea to Wales on Friday. Remarkably calm conditions prevailing beneath a high pressure meant we were also able to board the first boat back home... Continue Reading →

A look at lepidoptera | Day 22 of 30 Days Wild

After a rather moist and misty start, the receding clouds and emerging sunshine revealed a sparkling vista of water droplets carpeting the island; everything from spider's webs to the delicate seed heads of grasses were laden with water, refracting the sun in a cliche but stunning scene! The fragrance of wildflowers and rich vegetation was... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild | Day 21

As young naturalist Dara McAnulty notes in his excellent blog, its a lot harder to blog about this month's wild moments than it is to experience them: wildlife pervades our daily lives no matter where you live, although it may be that some of us need to spend some time 'tuning in' to the natural... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild | Day 19

The overpowering heat today made doing anything outside rather exhausting either side of dawn and dusk. That said, the calm and sunny weather made for ideal conditions to carry out this month’s BeeWalk survey. This year I decided to set up a Bee-recording transect on the island as part of a wider national citizen science... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild | Day 18

It's a belated post for Day 18 of #30DaysWild, but it was a superb day! Easily one of the year's hottest days yet, temperatures climbed to over 20'C (a rarity here!) during the midday sun; with barely a breath of wind and no cloud cover, it felt pretty toasty! I took an early morning wander... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild | Day 13

Day 13 of #30DaysWild: we finally had a day with calm winds! It's been a busy day and I'm afraid today's post isn't particularly elaborate or content-heavy compared to those preceding blogs! I hope you've been enjoying the 30 Days Challenge at any rate - I've certainly had great fun seeing what others are getting... Continue Reading →

A focus on dung: 30 Days Wild Day 11

For Day 11 of the 30 Days Wild challenge, I am focussing on a group of insects few would consider to be at all glamorous: Dung Beetles. In reality, though, the Scarabids are a vitally important family of beetles that humbly go about their business and provide a plethora of valuable 'ecosystem services'. They are an... Continue Reading →

Returning Home

After the winter term at university drew to a close at the end of March, it was time to make the tri-annual pilgrimage from Falmouth back to North Wales - a trek typically drawn out over a rather exhausting 12-hour train journey. I was lucky this time to be able to meet up with some friends in South... Continue Reading →

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