30 Days Wild | Day 19

The overpowering heat today made doing anything outside rather exhausting either side of dawn and dusk. That said, the calm and sunny weather made for ideal conditions to carry out this month’s BeeWalk survey. This year I decided to set up a Bee-recording transect on the island as part of a wider national citizen science... Continue Reading →


30 Days Wild | Day 18

It's a belated post for Day 18 of #30DaysWild, but it was a superb day! Easily one of the year's hottest days yet, temperatures climbed to over 20'C (a rarity here!) during the midday sun; with barely a breath of wind and no cloud cover, it felt pretty toasty! I took an early morning wander... Continue Reading →

30 Days Wild | Day 14

It was one of those rare mornings that dawned with barely a breath of wind - that unfamiliar sound of silence. As a consequence, I arose to the bubbling song of our two territorial Blackbirds adjacent the house; to the twinkling song of male Wrens, the chattering of awakening Swallows and more raucous cries of... Continue Reading →

Returning Home

After the winter term at university drew to a close at the end of March, it was time to make the tri-annual pilgrimage from Falmouth back to North Wales - a trek typically drawn out over a rather exhausting 12-hour train journey. I was lucky this time to be able to meet up with some friends in South... Continue Reading →

April update – migration underway!

It has been a busy few days on the island, with settled weather encouraging some good arrivals of migrants - particularly Willow Warblers, Chiffchaffs, Wheatears and Blackcaps, but also some reasonable hirundine passage over land on the clearer days: high counts so far have comprised 30 Sand Martins on the 3rd,  23 Swallows on the... Continue Reading →


It has been another busy couple of days on Bardsey...the Cretzschmar's Bunting has settled down nicely in the Lighthouse compound on the South End, where it carries out a predictable routine throughout the day: showing up on some seed in the compound for about five minutes every hour or so, before flying off into the gorse.... Continue Reading →

Storms and Seabirds

I have been quite busy in the last few days, as the weather has finally calmed down (a little bit!) and allowed for access to the island's seabird colonies on the East Side. I have been helping out counting and ringing a broad selection of species on the island's rocky cliffs. We have made some... Continue Reading →

Spring Migrants: Linnets

Ok, so a Linnet is perhaps not what you might think of as a spring migrant, but they do in fact move south-west in the wintertime, and some UK birds may even move to France and Iberia for the winter, just the same as our Chiffchaffs. There are approximately 35 pairs on the island, although... Continue Reading →

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