30 Days Wild | Day 23


It was certainly a wild day weather-wise on the island, with a brisk south-westerly wind whisking through on the tail-end of a monstrous low pressure to the north of the UK.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 07.58.07
the storm system passing to the north of the UK yesterday

The day was mostly spent clearing up niggling jobs and preparing gear for our departure from the island tomorrow: I am off on our annual two-week family holiday, this year venturing across the tumultuous Irish Sea and bumbling our way around south-west Ireland in our camper-van.

As such, I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be able to achieve in the coming days, but I’ll certainly attempt to finish off this month’s 30 Days Wild challenge – and even if I don’t manage to blog, rest assured there will be ample wildness to be keeping myself and willing family entertained for the duration!

Packing aside, another primary focus of the day was visiting all my Manx Shearwater study burrows…checking the breeding progress of all the birds we’ve tagged, and also seeing whether any of our tagged birds had returned. A pleasant surprise was the discovery that two of ‘my’ shearwaters were now the proud parents of these rather cute fluff balls…


It’s pretty amazing to think that these chicks will be skimming their way over the Atlantic swell to winter of the coast of South America in just a couple of months! What awesome birds.

Another activity for the day was harvesting some of the fragrant Elderflowers from around the island, and making some Elderflower cordial (using the River Cottage recipe)

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