Waxwing update

Well, having written a blog about ringing these superb birds in mid-Wales last week, I never expected we’d be rewarded with results as soon as this! The ‘invasion’ of these nomadic wanderers continues throughout the UK, and Tonie Cross of the Mid Wales Ringing Group managed to catch and fit a further eight birds with colour rings near Newbridge last week.

one of our colour-ringed waxwings in Staffordshire (c) Patrick Salt

As mentioned, we’ve received emails concerning sightings of ‘our’ birds already! Check them out below…

  • 5th January, Newcastle-under-Lyme (Staffordshire) – White/Black, Blue/BTO seen amongst flock of waxwings by a local photographer (that’s almost 100km away in just a couple of days!)
  • January 11th, Newtown (mid-Wales) – one of our colour-ringed birds joined a flock of 20 in the town
  • January 11th – one of Tonie’s birds is re-sighted in Devon! A very impressive movement!

The colour ringing being carried out in mid Wales is part of the larger scheme run in the north of the country by the Grampian Ringing Group. They have a very impressive colour ringing project going on, and some brilliant results – check out a great Birdguides article on their efforts published last week here (which also appears on the ringing group’s blog).

Some great results already, and only possible because of birders and photographers noticing the bright bling and sending in their sightings…so please do email in any birds you do see to grampianringing@gmail.com.

A few more pics from my encounters with these superb birds in mid-Wales:



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