Exams are over!
Apologies for the complete lack of updates here on my blog over the last month or so – the last few weeks have largely been taking up preparing for spring exams, although the superb weather has made knuckling down to work somewhat tricky (especially with the likes of Basking Sharks, Dalmatian Pelicans, Otters and Badgers to see!). It was a big relief to finish out last exam this morning, and marks the end of my first year at the University of Exeter. It has been a great first year, with thoroughly interesting topics and some great people.

I am looking forward to re-commencing the degree this September, after what promises to be a busy but exciting summer! I will endeavour to write a few more regular blog posts in the ensuing weeks, and will attempt to catch up on some of the activity from here in Falmouth recently too. For now, here is a spring scene from our stunning campus grounds…


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