Photography Advent Calendar, Day 1: Choughs

I have decided (somewhat belatedly), to try and do a sort of photographic advent calendar on my blog leading up to Christmas. I will attempt (time providing!) to post a handful of images every day, focussed on a particular wildlife species from around the UK (i.e. on Bardsey…)
For Day One of the challenge (which I am starting on the 2rd of December…) I have chosen the Chough. I have really missed not seeing these charismatic birds on a daily basis (ironically, despite being in Cornwall), and I look forward to catching up with Bardsey’s wintering flock when I return in the next week or two. 
Choughs really are brilliant birds, and the winter is by far the best time to see them on the island, when a flock of up to 50 can descend upon Solfach (the main sandy beach), and feed upon invertebrates hiding away amongst the piles of rotting Kelp. It provides a great opportunity to observe these birds at close quarters and also pick out the colour combinations of colour-ringed individuals to work out who’s come from where, who’s partnered up with who, and who is just in the chilling in the bachelor & non-breeding flock. 
Here are a couple of images from the last to winters…


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  1. Hi
    talking about photography as it is is and how it keep consntaly changing and pushin boundaries,makes oyu thing how much you can do with a single shot of the right moment,and how you can influance people, that is exactly what GCF photography Photos said last year.


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