Bardsey’s underwater world

One of the things that I really enjoy during the summer months is swimming and snorkelling around the island’s coast. After the right weather conditions, the sea can be crystal clear, with a wealth of things to see and enjoy whilst dabbling around Bardsey’s shores. Snorkelling can be great fun, especially when inquisitive Grey Seals decide to come and have a closer look, playing with your fins and generally swimming really close. I love diving under the surface to get a closer look at the deeper reaches of the underwater world, where you can follow Cuckoo Wrass through Kelp forests, and watch Snakelocks Anemones waving in the gentle current. It really is enjoyable. This year I have been taking my Dad’s GoPro Hero3 out when snorkelling, so that I can take a few videos of the more interesting encounters we have. From those videos, I have taken a few snapshots- these are pictured below. I am hoping to get a basic underwater camera soon, which will hopefully lead to more quality results. Enjoy!

Snakelocks Anemone

I have had some great Grey Seal encounters this year- the above image shows one of the tamer ones swimming right up to me and even playing with my fins

Swimming through a Kelp ‘tunnel’

Spider Crab

The view over towards Bardsey mountain

What I think to be a Violet Stinger jellyfish

More Kelp forest

A bit of landscape shot from the East Side


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