It has been a busy few weeks after getting back onto Bardsey: catching up with jobs around the farm and getting back into the rhythm of things over here. There are certainly a lot of birds, insects and man others forms of wildlife emerging from every corner of the island. It is a pleasant time, although busy due to the number of visitors around, and thus usually a very fun time of year.

Aside starting up the moth traps again, I have also been searching a variety of habitats on the island during the daytime to see what gems lie in wait. As yet I have not encountered anything particularly rare in national terms, but a few smart species have turned up, such as Vestal, Small Mottled Willow, loads of Rush Veneers and Silver Ys, plus numerous firsts for Bardsey (usually common garden moths).

The main sights around at the moment comprise that of the busy adult birds feeding their young. Everything from the seabirds on the East Side to the Wrens in the bushes are abounding with fledglings, which makes for some good photography opportunities too. I have included a selection of images from the last week in this post. Many more to come!

If you would like to keep up to date with daily news from the island, check out the BBFO blog here, and keep an eye on my Facebook page and Flickr.

One of the juvenile Peregrine Falcons that has fledged from the southern pair. One of the chicks seems significantly larger than the other, perhaps suggesting male and female

I spent a little while watching one of the Kittiwake colonies a few days ago, which was great fun. They are a very noisy bunch
Wren chicks
Plenty of Swallow broods have fledged, and are now being visited many times every minute by the adult birds with gape-fulls of scrummy food
Juvenile Pied Wagtail

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