Recent photographic highlights

Over the last two weeks I have had some great photographic opportunities here on Bardsey, from photographing Manx Shearwaters on star-lit nights, to watching Grey Seal bulls battle it out in the bay. Since I have not uploaded any of these images onto the blog, I thought I would do an update featuring my favourite photographs from the last few weeks. I hope you enjoy…

I made a special effort one morning to make it to the North End for sunrise, which was around 0550. My aim was to photograph a few of the breeding gulls flying in front of the sun, with the Gwylan Islands and distant mainland in the background. I photographed plenty of Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls flying past, but this one was my favourite

I have had this type of image in mind for quite a while. Last week the skies cleared enough to try it out one night. I used a Canon 6D and Canon fisheye 15mm to get a very wide angle shot of this Manx Shearwater, as it sat on a nearby bank. I used a 25 second exposure and ISO 5000, plus a dim head torch to illuminate the bird, to get this shot. Hopefully I will be able to improve on this image in the coming weeks

Last week I visited the Fulmars on the East Side, where there were perhaps 10 individuals flying around and prospecting for nest sites. Many of them were clearly intrigued by myself, and came very close and low over me. I used a 24-105mm lens to try and get some wide angle images of them, and this is the best result

I have been experimenting a lot this year with low shutter speeds and sea movement with the island’s Oysterctachers. This bird was around the East Side, and I tried to use a relatively low shutter speed of 20th sec to create the movement of the sea. I found it very difficult to retain a sharp bird, but like the overall effect. It is a work in progress

One evening I came across these two Grey Seal bulls having a playful fight with each other. I watched them battle it out for a little while, although realised that they weren’t really doing any harm to each other. I took a few images, but these are my favourites
I have been taking a lot of images of birds bathing in the last few days, which will appear here in the next few weeks. Linnets and Meadow Pipits have been visiting a small pool along the track, which makes for a good location to set up a hide. This Willow Warbler paid an unexpected visit, which was quite nice

As spring progresses, and the odd rain shower passes through the island, a multitude of flowers and plants are beginning to emerge all over. These Cuckoo Flowers are appearing throughout the Wetlands, and Thrift and Squill are adding some very nice colouration to the coast

This Yellow Dung Fly has been a subject for my macro photography for some time, and one of my favourite views of them is head-on. They have very comical faces, which almost give them the look of being surprised. I will continue to try and get some better images, but this is my best so far.

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  1. Hi ya Ben, I have previously been a visitor to your blog, now I am a follower! Just loving your images, very different from the “norm” and they really work for me. Top man keep it up!!


  2. Hi there Paul! Thanks a lot for the comment! Really appreciate the feedback.Glad you like the images, and same back to you! Fantastic photography from your end too!


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