The weather has taken a bit of an unfortunate turn in the last week or so, after so many weeks of rather stunning conditions. Thus, the last seven days have been dominated by strong winds (largely) from the North-west, accompanied by rain showers, overcast conditions and biting temperatures. All in all, not really the ideal conditions for the northward-travelling migrants from Africa! After the arrival of our first migrants such as Chiffchaffs, Wheatears, Goldcrests and Black Redstarts a few weeks ago, there have been virtually no new arrivals since the inclement weather has moved in. There have been a few noteworthy sightings, though, with two Glaucous Gulls in the last two days and the first decent numbers of Manx Shearwaters out to sea. Despite the conditions, the breeding season continues on with those species already present: Ravens, Choughs and other corvid species continue to build nests, and many are at the lining stage now; some seabirds have completed their nests, with a few pairs of Shags already incubating their clutches; and Meadow Pipits, Blackbirds and Pied Wagtails are amongst a small selection of passerines that are also starting to build nests around the island.

A few Shags have already completed building their nests and are now incubating

Some stormy seascapes, with Herring Gull in the top image and Oystercatchers in lower



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