Choughs in flight

Last weekend I spent some time photographing the (essentially) resident Choughs on Solfach. The frsh Westerly breeze in combination with some warm winter sun made for some good photographic opportunities, as the Choughs glided down towards the beach and floated in the updraft created by the bank. The strong breeze did, however, mean that clouds moved over eastward in a constant stream, blocking the sun every few minutes. This made it a little frustrating to get the right lighting conditions, especially with a subject as dark as Choughs. Nevertheless, I did manage to obtain some pleasing result, which I have included below. All the images were taken with a Canon 7D and Canon 300mm f2.8, occasionally in combination with a 1.4x converter.

Chough taking a mid-flight scratch

Choughs in front of Cristin- Bardsey Bird and Field Observatory

Again, a Chough in front of Bardsey Bird and Field Observatory

This is a typical scene once the Choughs actually start feeding on the beach
Lastly, I have finally got round to producing a short video on the Choughs from a few weeks ago. This video was taken with a GoPro, which I positioned near one of the Chough’s favourite feeding spots. I am quite pleased with some of the results


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